Depends on the state of discharge, and the power of the charger. Most Vamoose chargers are between 2-3A and will charge the battery in around 4-5 hours if completely discharged. However, more powerful chargers (including a 5A model) will charge the battery faster. That said, the size of the battery also makes a difference with smaller batteries charging faster than larger ones.

You betcha! One of the main advantages of cycling on a Vamoose electric cycle is that it increases your average speed when tackling inclines and headwinds. If you provide a reasonable amount of effort, you should be able to tackle anything from a 1 in 10 (10%) gradient up to a 1 in 7 (14%) gradient. Your new Vamoose electric cycle can tackle some of the most arduous journeys with relative ease. You will be amazed!

No, all of the Vamoose cycles can be propelled by throttle alone. That said, the value of a pedal assist cycle is that it has a motor to provide support to your efforts. The more pedaling and less power used, the longer the battery life.

The tires on our cycles are the same as conventional cycle tires. Simply replace the tube with a tube of the right size and inflate it. No special tires or parts will be needed.

The motor automatically shuts off power once the brakes lever is activated. This safety feature provides the most optimum situation for braking, protects the motor during brake application, and is required by law in Canada.

Vamoose cycles are outfitted with large batteries that will take you a great distance. However, the distance available for travel is highly dependent on a number of factors including motor use, battery size, the weight of the rider, type of terrain (steep hills going up vs down), wind resistance, tire air pressure (this is critical), external temperature, and of course, how much pedaling you are doing. That all said, on average a standard calculation for distance is to take the Amp Hours and divide by 20. This will give you an average “miles” calculation. To convert to kilometers, just multiply by approx. 1.6.

For example:
The Vamoose Mammoth comes standard with a large 48V 21Ah battery which provides 840 Amp Hrs.
1008/20x1.6= Approx. 81 km per charge

All Vamoose cycles come with upgraded displays that provide a visible indicator of battery life. Try not to run the batteries to empty before recharging, but know that these are cycles and are operational without power assist – just pedal to where you can recharge!

No. The batteries we use are Lithium-ion batteries which do not suffer from ‘memory effect’. This means that there is no need to discharge a battery completely before you recharge it again. You can partially recharge the battery at any time without reducing its voltage or lifespan. We recommend recharging the battery after every use, regardless of how far you rode.

Yes, you can add a trailer to your Vamoose. Whether you are looking to haul groceries or children, a Vamoose cycle can pull a trailer.

Yes, just make sure that the cycle rack can hold the weight of a Vamoose. We advise taking the battery off to make it easier to lift and to keep the battery safe.

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