Dual Motor - Vamoose AWD Mammoth!

The ULTIMATE AWD electric bicycle, the Vamoose Mammoth comes with dual 48V 500W motors (front and rear) providing exceptional power and torque for mud-slinging or crushing fresh powder! A commanding machine, the Mammoth comes standard with a truly mammoth 48V 21Ah battery producing an incredible 1008 Watt-hours of performance - a +80 km range! Allowing you to go further, and for longer.

The Vamoose AWD Mammoth was developed with a love of Canadian outdoors. Ready for any weather, the AWD Mammoth is as comfortable in heavy snow, as pulling through mud, or on a ravine trail. Built with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Mammoth has been outfitted for all Canadian seasons.

Vamoose Mammoth Snapshot (PDF)

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